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The Giant Leap

The first time I saw this picture, I thought of the many businesses I have financed. . I know they have spent so much time working on their business: long, long hours, days, weeks or even years. How many times have I talked with the business owner about surviving, ways to get more business, ideas to get over hurdles, be it their competition, expansion, or even that first customer order. Even discussing the fact of whether they really want to open their own business, or stay on the safe corporate side.

This picture has many thoughts associated with it. Just a few are:
The Giant Leap of Faith.
Yes, I can make it!
Yes! This is the right answer.

The leaping figure represents all the emotions of their decision-the uncertainty, the decision to go forward, the leap, and the faith that they will make it. Failure is not an option in this picture. How often do we let that thought of failure into our minds, and we never make that leap?

To leave the safe confines of the corporate job and start out on your own is a huge step. The self-doubt that can worm its way into your mind, undermining your discipline and your courage in some cases is left behind.
It is not just the leap itself. It is the efforts leading up to that leap. Quelling the self doubts, asking yourself if you really can do this. Can you succeed? Will it really work?

As we look at the leaping figure in the air, each of us has felt that their entire being is focused on succeeding. In that moment, it is to make it to the other side of the peak. Failure is not an option. Total Faith that you will succeed exudes from your very being. After all the gnawing anxious thoughts and nights of uncertainty, you did it.!

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5 thoughts on “The Giant Leap”

  1. I understand this completely. I work full time as an educational assistant but I’ve started 2 companies with the dream of retiring and working full time in my business but I just couldn’t take that leap. I stuck with the sure thing.


    1. Thank you so much Cathy, for your comment. Having followed you and read your posts, you have had many things enter your life. Sometimes, you just don’t need another drain on your time and energy. And, who knows, at sometime, the opportunity will seem right, and you can move forward. I know, if my husband had not been the motivator, I would have stayed with the sure thing, the corporate job. Again, thank you, Anne

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