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The One Thing Every Business Needs Constantly



The Lifeline of Your Business

Starting and growing your business is not easy. Every week, for years, companies have called me for money. They’re struggling. Their bills are either due or overdue. They sit, waiting for their customers to pay. No, they won’t call; they don’t want to upset their customer. Yet they get calls from the people they owe money, only increasing their stress level.

Adding to the situation the business owner watches that next order or contract go to their competition. He can’t even bid on it, because of his lack of cash flow. Money, or the lack of money,  can do serious damage to a business and the owner.  While the business owner waits, their own credit deteriorates. Slow pays and past dues have a way of creeping into your personal and business life. The stress level has you distracted, irritable; some people even get sick. Sleep becomes elusive.

You need to be on your game to compete and succeed. Instead you’re spending time thinking of ways to raise money: investors, bank loans, family or friends. Most of these don’t work. Loans from financial institutions can take a long time even if you qualify. Investors take even longer to decide, and, very few businesses meet the qualifications. Family and friends-talk about adding another layer of stress to your life!  What if you can’t pay them back in the time you promised? Now relationships are in jeopardy, and will never be the same again.  Holidays become a dreaded occasion because of not fulfilling your obligation.

So, you use your savings and personal credit cards. While you’ve relieved the immediate problem, the anxiety worsens because, deep down, you know this will happen again, next month, or even next week. You think maybe, just maybe, one of those customers will pay. Still, adding to your anxiety is the fact that you’ve lost your financial cushion. If something else goes wrong or you have a personal emergency, where do you go for money? Every morning you log into your bank account: Any new deposits? Then, wait for the mail. Maybe there’s a check. This is no way to run your business.


Your situation is shared by hundreds of businesses across the country every day. Yet, in most cases there is a solution, and a fairly fast one. With a few exceptions we can pull your company out of the pit and stabilize it with regular cash flow. And you can grow your business as fast as you want without debt or giving up equity. You concentrate on marketing, new products, and new customers.

By using your invoices(Business to Business or Business to Government) and improving your cash flow, you can start paying your bills on time, even getting early payment discounts from your suppliers and expanding your business. Start building the company credit as well as your own.

Your Wishes Can Be Granted-No Miracle
This is the list I hear every week. Are any of these on your Wish List?

Working Capital
Growth and Expansion
Need Cash
Make Payroll
Pay Taxes
Increase Sales
Increase Production
Fulfill Larger Orders
Unrestricted Use of Funds
Billing Services
Customer Credit Checks


AR Financing, also known as Factoring, has been used worldwide since Biblical Times.  It accounts for over $500 Billion in Commercial Lending every year, and is used in all industries. This is not a loan-so no debt to your company. No loss of equity in your company.  Most of the time, this is all a company needs to improve cash flow and move forward

Spend your time working and building your business.

Call or Email me for a No Obligation consultation to see how we can help you.

Anne Gordon
Guilin Funding (The Money Lady)
Toll Free: 1-877-872-4879
When you Bank Says ‘No’ We Can Make It Go!

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