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What Are You Waiting For?

Or, should the question be: What Aren’t You Waiting For?

Factoring, Cash Flow, Business Finance, Invoice FinancingBusiness owners are always waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

Waiting is a constant in the business environment.


  • Waiting (hopefully) for the callback from a new customer.
  • Waiting for the appointment with a customer to present your products.
  • Waiting for their answer after the appointment. (Will they buy it????)
  • Waiting for their order. (They said they were going to order, but where is the paper?)
  • Waiting for the reorder from a current customer
  • Waiting for the supplies to produce the orders to ship them.
  • Waiting to get paid.

Sound familiar?  Every part of the process can be nerve-racking, but waiting to get paid can disrupt the entire business and bring it to a halt.  Steady Cash Flow is the lifeblood of any business, large or small.  Money in the bank to meet payroll, pay rent and utilities, insurance, bills for supplies-just to name a few- is a must.  Cash Flow keeps the doors open, the lights on, and leads the way for growth.

Business owners are handling so many aspects of their business to keep it going,  partnering with a compatible funding source spreads the workload and responsibility, without diluting equity or putting the company in debt.  By using factoring/invoice financing, you can focus on building your business.  You can use your time and energy for new product development, new customers and marketing.

Spend more time on your business and less time chasing your customers for payments.  Work the part of you business you love.  Leave the Cash Flow and back office to a professional.

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