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Disaster Recovery Work

construction factoring, factoring, invoice financingNo words can express our feelings as we watch and listen to the events of the past few weeks.  Words cannot describe the heroic efforts of our First Responders and volunteers, and the acts of kindness by strangers through these devastating hurricanes and wildfires.

As people start to try to rebuild their lives, companies are coming in to work on all aspects of each community, from the clean-up and  rebuilding of streets and bridges, to getting the power on for thousands of homes and businesses-just to name a few projects. Hundreds and hundreds of workers are needed and are being contracted to do these projects.  Businesses, large and small, are putting on extra crews and extra shifts to get this work done as quickly as possible.

With these efforts come added expenses, including payroll.  Waiting to get paid puts unnecessary limits on businesses in these situations.  We are already helping several companies with their cash flow due to their increased needs.

If you have this situation, or would just like more information, contact me.

Anne Gordon
Guilin Funding


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