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“Please Stay on the Line, Your Call is Very Important to Us”

Really? It certainly doesn’t feel that way.

The automated message goes around and around.  I’m sure we all have the same experiences, and other annoying recorded messages we hear all the time. You have your own list of them, I’m sure.

“We’ll be with you in just a few minutes.”  Then there’s the one that actually calculates your wait time and tells you ” You call will be answered in 23 minutes.”  That’s really discouraging. If it takes that long to get through, shouldn’t you have more people to handle the inquires?

Wait times, and being on hold, are inevitable sometimes.  Last week, after being on hold for 10 minutes, and hearing how important my call was, several times, I hung up.  No way, was I going to hang around for someone to “be right with me.”

What about your initial call into a business, and the person answering the phone says “I’m busy now, you’ll have to call back.”  They hang up on you without even trying to take a message.  With all the time, money, and effort, people/businesses spend on marketing, when someone calls, be ready for them. It’s a total waste if you’re not. A few sentences can change everything in the way that caller perceives your company.

Now, turn inward and evaluate your own business performance.  How do you handle business calls?  How does your staff handle them?  Do you know?  This is the face of your business.  The first impression is the one chance to capture that customer, and you only have a few seconds.  It better work. This is your first line of communication with your customer.

Marketing and customer service go hand in hand, and require constant monitoring.  Your product may be the greatest, but if your accessibility is bad, all your efforts are in vain. If you’re customer service doesn’t meet even average standards, you’re not even playing on the competitive field.

With all the devices we have for instant access and communication, it’s ludicrous to be ‘put on hold.’  We live in an instant gratification world. In order to succeed, not just survive in it, you must have this part of your business running perfectly.

Concentrate on improving your Customer Service and build your business.  Spend  time on your business and not chasing your customers for payments. Outsource your back office.

More Information:

Contact: Anne Gordon
Guilin Funding (AKA The Money Lady)

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