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Did You Hear What I Just Said? (Probably Not)

Business financingIt’s screaming inside my head, “Did You Hear What I Just Said??” as the person on the other end of the phone reads from a script.  I’ve lost all patience at this point. As most of you know, for the past few weeks, Customer Service has been a High Priority with me.

We’re constantly hearing that we must listen to our customers/potential customers to find out their needs or ‘pain points.’ Ask questions, but ultimately listen.  This is how you sell them your product.

The same applies to the Customer Service Department.  Actually, even more. But, how many businesses actually apply it?  You’ve spent the time and money to acquire the customer.  Now, either they have a question, or something isn’t working. (Granted, there’s a small percentage who just want to complain.) Yes, YouTube has helped take the frustration out of just about any ‘How To’ situation, but some people (a lot) want you to explain, and help with a real live voice.

Having just finished a call like this (and I had very low expectations), I thought about what people usually get.

1. Someone reading from a script.  So, the first frustration is that the customer service person has not even heard what is wrong.  Or, if they have, they have to plow ‘the script.’

2. You’re put on HOLD. I’ve already talked about being on hold forever in a previous post.  I’ve always feel it’s a ploy to get me to hang up.

Whether it’s you, the business owner, or an associate answering the call, remember: this person is either a customer or a potential customer.  They are taking time to find out more, or need help.  Listen to them, ask them questions, to find out where they are in the process. Work through the situation, if possible, right then, on the phone.
DON’T say:  “Try this, and call me back if it doesn’t work.”

So many times, the Customer Service wants to get you off the phone and go on to the next, or ‘it’s almost time for my break.”  It may not be the happiest department in the organization, but it is vital to the life and continued existence of the business. Special consideration should be given to who staffs this department, and their training. They can make the difference in your reputation.

With competition as tough as it is, every day, time and effort needs to be spent on this part of any business.  Businesses large and small need to constantly monitor and improve this part of their program.

Your focus needs to be on building your business, and how it is viewed by the public and your potential customers.  You don’t have time to “Do it All” effectively.

Steady Predictable Cash Flow is vital to the survival of every business.  While you work on the marketing and products, out source your back office to a factoring company.  Take the pain out of paying bills and making payroll.  Sleep better at night and grow your business.

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