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It Never Ends – Disaster and Recovery

Again, natural disasters are ravaging our country as well as many other parts of the world. Volunteers, workers and companies are stretched to their limits.  The challenges created by these hurricanes, floods, and wildfires are overwhelming.  With those challenges have come major opportunities.

No matter how carefully plans are put in place, the demand for companies and contractors to work on these Disaster Recovery Project continues to grow.  Those who are currently working are being stretched in every area-manpower, equipment, finances/cash flow, which adds mental stress. Pressure to get these jobs done quickly and efficiently means more crews, more shifts, overtime, more supplies, more money.

First there’s evacuation, which is additional manpower and overtime. After the event is the clean-up.  Nothing else can really progress until the debris is cleared.  Then the numerous other companies come in for power, fuel lines, and water, in addition to roads, bridges, and, of course, buildings. At the same time the supporting companies must come in to provide food, medical support, housing, and transportation. The list is endless as are the hours and costs. This has created a demand throughout many industries for more workers and increased manufacturing of more products.

With these increases come the additional expenses that have to be met in a timely manner.  On top of regular overhead and expenses, are the more payroll costs, more supplies, and equipment.  The need for money in the bank is a top priority.

You need to be working on your expanded workload, not worrying about payments and making phone calls to find out when you’ll get paid.

Consider using a factoring service, for Steady, Predictable, Cash Flow.  Don’t let your erratic customer payments limit your opportunities.

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