Janitorial Company Factoring

If you’re in the Janitorial business, you know what it is to make payroll week after week after week.  You just paid your people, and there it is again.  Payroll time.  Usually janitorial companies pay their staff weekly.  Having 8 to 9 weeks of payroll money on hand can often be a challenge.  Plus, you have other expenses, like IT maintenance, insurance, phones, rent and advertising-to name a few.  Your customers pay in 30, 45, or 60 days, making it harder and harder to have steady regular Cash Flow.

We have a data base of factoring companies for all sizes and types of business in the Janitorial Industry.

Maintaining your business is hard, but when a new opportunity comes along to grow your business, do you have the resources to support it?  In other words, how do you handle the additional payroll?

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Think of having the cash to:

  • Cover your operating costs
  • Pay your workers on time
  • Hire more people for new opportunities
  • Make payroll taxes on time

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Get rid of this headache now-We can advance money quickly, and manage your back office, while you manage your business and grow.


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