Is Cash Flow Holding Up Your Growth?

Grow your business by turning your outstanding invoices into immediate Cashing with Factoring.

We work with businesses in all industries to provide steady cash flow, regardless of size or time in business.  Our data base of funding sources includes companies who work with start-ups, businesses experiencing high growth, as well as those in survival mode.

Having the right funding source for your business is crucial to your success.  We place you with a company who is a good fit for you, instead of your having to adjust to them.  

At No Obligation to you.

You work on your business, and we work to find you the funding quickly.  Imagine not worrying about making payroll, paying your bills, and being able to bid on larger contracts.

Grow your business without debt or giving up equity.

Spend more time on your business and less time chasing your customers for payments
Even if you run a profitable business, cash flow can still be an issue. You have good customers who pay, but you need the money immediately to cover rent, payroll, and other expenses.

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