Oil and Gas Factoring

This is a hard business to keep a steady Cash Flow.  When oil is flowing, you expand and need more money for more workers and equipment.  When times get tough, getting paid is even harder.

Waiting 30-90 days for your customer to pay puts terrible stress on a business and the owners.  The oil and gas industry needs cash on hand to meet the demands of day to day operations, like making payroll, paying your suppliers and taxes getting parts for equipment.  You need to be able to deliver to your customers on time.

Whether you’re a Start-Up or an established Oilfield Service company, we can work with you to get steady Cash Flow.

We work with, but not limited to:

Crude Haulers                               Flow Back Testing
Pressure Washing                       Exploration Services
Environmental Clean Up        Frac Sand Haulers
Excavating/Dirt Work              Tank Cleaners
Hot Shot Services                        Roustabouts
Drilling/Plugging                         Site Builders
Inspection Services                    Rig Movers
Gravel Pit Suppliers                   Vacuum Trucks

REMEMBER:  We never charge a fee and we never ask you to sign anything.  We work at NO OBLIGATION to you.


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